January 1976 // Volume 14 // Number 1

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Editor's Page

Editor's Page (pdf)
Jerry Parsons

Feature Articles

Families Behind the AFDC Stereotype (pdf)
Margaret P. Grindereng
The AFDC families don't fit the usual stereotype. This report gives you the facts.

Helping Committee Members Become More Active (pdf)
Brian F. Blake
Some ideas on keeping that committee active and successful.

Research in Brief

Impact of Suburbanization on Rural Towns (pdf)
Del Dyer

4-H Participation (pdf)
Charles Sappington

Idea Corner

4-H for the Deaf (pdf)
Reagan Ammons

Evaluating Nursing Home Menus (pdf)
Ann A. Hertzler, Viola M. Smith

New Approach To Program Planning (pdf)
John B. Waddell

Nontraditional Study Programs (pdf)
Richard Lee


The Golden Age of Academia (pdf)
Gerald G. Udell

Do Extension Paraprofessionals Need A Career Ladder? (pdf)
Henry M. Brooks

Do We Really Want To Evaluate? (pdf)
Laverne B. Forest