September 1975 // Volume 13 // Number 5

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Editor's Page

The Journal is Alive and Well... (pdf)
Jerry Parsons

Feature Articles

Teachers of Adults Will... (pdf)
Mary L. Pankowski
A discussion of compentencies of teachers of adults

Yes, a Change Agent Can Evaluate! (pdf)
Gerald G. Udell
Evaluation from the perspective of a change agent.

Research in Brief

Adult Orientation and Counseling Program
Irene Beavers

Learning Styles and Learning Experiences
Huey Long

Natural Resources Career Education
Irene Beavers

Idea Corner

Business and Economic Development
Robert R. Davidson

Cost Effective Extension for Small Business in Africa
Malcolm Harper


Response to the Responses
John Ohlier
Includes responses from Damaris Bradish, Charles Koelling and Richard Lee, and Marjorie S. Stewart and Willodean Moss

Abstracts (pdf)

Child Development Research
Review of Child Development Research, Volume Three: Child Developent and Social Policy. Betty M. Caldwell and Henry N. Ricciuti (eds.). Chicago: The University of Chicage Press, 1973. 581 pp. $15.00.
Personality Theories
Personality Theories: Guides to Living . Nicholas S. DiCaprio. Philadelphia: W.B. Saunders Company, 1974. 502 pp. $10.95.
Gaming Simulation
Gaming-Simulation: Rationale, Design, and Application. Cathy S. Greenblat and Richard Duke. New York: John Wiley and Sons, 1975. 435 pp. $17.50.
Contemporary Management
Comtemporary Management: Issues and Viewpoints. Jospeh W. McGuire. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Prentice -Hall, Inc., 1974. 662 pp. $13.95