July 1975 // Volume 13 // Number 4

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Editor's Page

It's Time for a Relief Pitcher (pdf)
Patrick J. Borich

Feature Articles

Poverty: Are you Part of the Problem or Solution? (pdf)
Benjamin Yep
Take the test! Help clarify your values and attitudes toward poverty.

The 4-H Program Assistant's Role (pdf)
Jerry Parsons, John Kiesow
A look at the role of youth program assistants as a part of the Extension team.

Research in Brief

4-H Leadership Training
Curtis Trent

Learning How to Change
Gwenna Moss

Functional Job Analysis
Thomas Trail

Job-Seeking Problems
Del Dyer


A Jaundiced View of Agricultural Extension (pdf)
John Ohlier
Includes responses from Herb R. Clark, George B. Alcorn, Evelyn P. Quesenberry, Edgar J. Boone, and Charles Beer.

Book Reviews

Modular Instruction (pdf)
Jerry Parsons