Summer 1972 // Volume 10 // Number 2

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Editor's Page

Editor's Page (pdf)
Eldora E. Keske

Point of View

Points of View (pdf)
Dama C. Wilms

Feature Articles

Twenty Million Going on 30 (pdf)
R. L. Reeder
After a survey of states was made to determine the status of Extension's efforts in programming for senior citizens, the author became alarmed at the seemingly little concern shown in this area. Reeder shares his findings and challenges Extension professionals to examine their priorities and assume responsibility to meet the need of programming for the elderly.

Is an Advanced Degree for You? (pdf)
Patrick J. Borich
In an attempt to identify who and what influences decisions made by Extension professionals in their decision of whether to pursue an advanced degree, the author undertook a nationwide study of male county agents. He found that many personal, administrative (organizational), and economic factors influence such a decision, and these vary by age and the state employing the agent. Are his findings what you'd anticipate?

When People Move... (pdf)
James W. Matthews, John F. Thompson
Residential mobility is a common phenomenon today. What's its impact on adult participation in continuing educational activities and voluntary organizations in a community? Can any social characteristics (age, educational level, occupation, or employment status) serve as predictors of participation patterns of adults who are on the move? Matthews and Thompson report their findings of a study involving adults living in Alaska in 1968-69. Would the same apply to such adults in your community?

New Directions for Extension Family Programs (pdf)
Ivalee H. McCord, Stephan R. Bollman
Living in today's complex world and facing pressures from outside and within has created a situation that finds many of America's families in stress. There are no boundaries, for such families exist in all segments of society-- among the urban and rural, the rich and poor. What role can and should Extension perform to provide preventive measures that will enable familes to cope with and avoid many stressful situations? The authors share findings from an in-depth study involving 30 Midwest families and discuss implications for programming in Extension to strengthen the quality of family life.

Research in Brief (pdf)

Education or Migration?
C. Cunningham

Training Needs of Western Nigerian Ag Agents
J. P. Leagans

The Role of the Father in Child Development
V. McGaugh

Influence of Persuasion Tactics on Students' Values
D. Stormer

Adult Male Attitudes Toward Violence
D. Stormer

Television: A Viable Channel for Educating Adults in Culturally Different Poverty Groups? -- A Literature Review
C. Cunningham

Professionalism and the New Careerist
C. Cunningham

A Survey and Pilot Project to Meet the Educational Needs of Senior Citizens in an Urban Area --Brevard County, Florida
C. Cunningham

Cogito: Knowledge and Action in Adult Education
R. Kleis, W. Mielke

University Adult Education: A Time for Broadening Participation?
R. Kleis, W. Mielke

Community Resource Development and Social Action
D. Littrell

Mother's Training Program, Urbana, Illinois: Model Programs-- Childhood Education
V. McGaugh

"Forecast for 1971-- Implmenting Consumer Education for Adults in Your Community"
V. McGaugh

"An Analysis of Community College Faculty Morale and Selected Factors"
C. Trent

"The Relationship of Dogmatism and Attitude Toward Change of Presidents and Boards of Trustees in the North Carolina Community College System"
C. Trent

"Characteristics, Views Held of Agricultural Extension Activities, and Communication Behavior of Hsien Extension Supervisors in Taiwan"
C. Trent

Book Reviews (pdf)

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Ann P. Hayes

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Frank A. Santopolo

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Frank E. Funk

Small Groups and Self-Renewal. C. Gratton Kemp. New York, New York: The Seabury Press, 1971. 265 pp. $7.95.
Robert M. Smith

Teaching the Culturally Disadvantaged: A Rational Approach. Kenneth R. Johnson. Palo Alto, California: Science Research Associates, 1970. 202 pp. $4.25.
Gary F. Norsworthy

Abstracts (pdf)

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Idea Corner

Idea Corner (pdf)
Youth Sources of Sex Information
J. Conrad Glass, Jr.
Personal Development Programming for Older Youth
Kenneth E. Barber, Lynn E. Davie
Youth and Establishment Working Together
Charles W. Spradling