Summer 1969 // Volume 7 // Number 2

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Point of View

Point of View(pdf)

Feature Articles

The McGrath Report: A Critique (pdf)
William S. Griffith
The study report entitled The Changing Mission of Home Economics (The McGrath Report) represents a substantial investment-- both in terms of financial resources and professional energies. With so carefully conceived an undertaking on the part of the profession and so adequately financed a project, it is reasonable to expect a report that reflects the quality and rigor of scholarly work. The author appraises the report on the basis of nine criteria, examining selected conclusions and recommendations in the light of thse criteria. He concludes that the report is a disappointment. --The Editor.

Teamwork in Problem Solving (pdf)
Harry A. Cosgriffe, Richard T. Dailey
The social, physical, and institutional environment in which Extension staff members function is characterized by increasing variety and complexity. Consequently, new Extension practices are required. One such practice, teamwork, is analyzed in this article. A new definition of teamwork is stated, with guidelines for implementing it. Problems of gaining staff commitment are identified, and conditions are described that contribute to team efforts to solve problems.

A Systems Approach to Extension (pdf)
George H. Axinn
Extension can benefit from the computer's ability to speedily store and retrieve information-- but if computers are ignored, extension education faces possible obsolescence.

Teaching Nutrition to the Neediest (pdf)
Hazel Taylor Spitze
One of the means of exending the impact of Extension programs, as envisioned by th Joint USDA/NASULGC Extension Study Committee, is through the use of paid employees who are not considered professionals (referred to as aides, subprofessionals, technicians, program assistants, etc.). As Silverman points out in the Spring, 1969 issue of this journal, adding this group to the organization presents some real challenges and opportunities. One opportunity is in the prospect for improving teaching efforts. Specifically, such personnel are thought to hold considerable promise in working with the disadvantaged. This article uses specific references to the Extension nutrition program for the disadvantaged to point out how learning can be facilitated. However, its implications go beyond the teaching of nutrition. --The Editor.

The Personality of 4-H Leaders (pdf)
Frank D. Alexander
A sample of 527 first-year 4-H leaders in New York State responded to questions which were used in determining their scores on 16 personality factors. Male and female first-year leaders were compared to males and females in the general population. Male leaders were also compared with female leaders. The possible influences on personality scores of 1) place of residence and 2) agreement between agent and leader on the tasks leaders should perform were examined. Those who scored at the extreme ends on personality factors were studied separately to see of they were more or less likely than the average leader studied to continue in 4-H. Differences were discovered that deserve the attention of professionals working with volunteer leaders.

Research in Brief (pdf)
Mason E. Miller, editor

Supervisors--What Do They Read?
Farm Practice Adoption in Western Nigeria
Choice Versus No Choice

Book Reviews (pdf)

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Gwenna Moss

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Edward L. Senner

The New Guide to Happy Retirement. By George W. Ware, 1968. Available from Crown Publishers, Inc., New York, N.Y. 10016. 352 pp. $6.50.
N.J. Niederfrank

Abstracts (pdf)

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