Winter 1968 // Volume 6 // Number 4

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Feature Articles

Extension's Future-A National Report (pdf)
Lowell H. Watts
This is not intended to review the total Report of the National USDA/ Land-Grant Extension Study Committee. It does not attempt to embrace all recommendations contained in it. Rather, it is an attempt to outline the major thrust of the recommendations, illustrating with some specific examples. Detailed comments concerning recommendations will be found in the printed report. The report can serve as an important document to stimulate dialogue, to guide program analysis, and to provide future direction for the Extension Service. It is now available to Extension Services. Individual orders may be made to Colorado State University Printing Service (Attn: Mrs. Betty Ellis), Administration Building, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado 80521. The unabridged version costs 75 cents per copy. An abridged version costs 25 cents.

Impression Management and Specialists (pdf)
James F. Evans
Consciously or unconsciously, people control impressions others receive of them. The author adapts Goffman's discussion of this idea to a role analysis of the Extension specialist and his problems. Through observation and interviews in Illinois, the specialist's relationships with agents, other specialists, research contacts, and administrators are examined. By use of the theatrical interpretation of impression management the specialist is shown to be, among other things, very county-conscious.

Youth Leadership Preferences (pdf)
Jerold W. Apps
To determine if lower socioeconomic rural youth need different types of leaders than do higher socioeconomic rural youth, 10-13 year olds in Adams County, Wisconsin, were asked about their preferences for adult leaders. The study questions revealed (1) the respondents' desire for either a democratic, authoritarian, or laissez-faire leadership style, and (2) their preference concerning personal characteristics of a leader. The results differ somewhat from findings reported in the literature. The author feels that his findings are particularly relevant in regard to rural youth.

PPBS: A Management Innovation (pdf)
James Solem, Herbert D. Werner
PPBS, the planning-programming-budgeting system, is creating controversy. What is it? What will it do? Is it good or bad for Extension? This and the article by Stauber that follows discuss PPBS from different viewpoints, giving the reader some perspective on these questions. Soem and Werner stress the advantages of using PPBS in the decision-making process-in choosing among alternatives for achieving specified goals. They discuss the system in relation to cost-benefit analysis and systems analysis and the components (planning, program structure, budget). Stauber says PPBS means a lot of hard work and hard choices for Extension. And Extension may not have the choices of adopting or not adopting it. As a policy making tool, he says PPBS links planning directly to budgeting.

PBBS for Extension? (pdf)
Richard L. Stauber
See above abstract.

Agent's Views of Extension's Role (pdf)
J. D. George
This study investigated the relationship between the agent's definition of Extension's educational role and selected situational and background factors. All 334 male county agents in North Carolina responded to questions designed to reveal whether they had a narrow definition of Cooperative Extension (it is an agricultural agency for farm people) or a broad definition (it is a general adult education organization). It was found that the agent's college major, hours of social science coursework, reaction to a hypothetical study grant offer, and plans for advanced study, were related to his definition of Extension's role.

Book Reviews (pdf)

A Theory of Leadership Effectiveness. By Fred E. Fiedler, 1967. Available from McGraw-Hill Book Co., New York, N.Y. 10036. 265 pp. $8.50.
Glen M. Farrell

Urban-Rural Problems. By Lee Taylor, 1968. Available from Dickenson Publishing Company, Inc., Belmont, California 94002. 110 pp. (No price listed)
Myron D. Johnsrud

The Quandary of Youth. By Julia M. Seton, 1967. Available from Seton Village Press, Sante Fe, New Mexico 87501. 182 pp. $3.95 ($1.95 paperback).
Eldora E. Keske

Research in Brief (pdf)
Mason E. Miller, editor

Training Needs
District Extension Home Economist Role
Jobs and Noncollege Prone Rural Youth
Evaluation of Listening Groups as an Educational Technique
Quality of Evaluative Research
Human Resource Development Program Evaluation

Point of View

Point of View(pdf)
To Geoffrey Moss
G. L. Carter, Jr.
To the Editor
Geoffrey Moss
To Geoffrey Moss
G. L. Carter, Jr.
To the Editor
Geoffrey Moss
D. J. Moore
Broadened Programs
Jean W. Scheel
Adapting "Journal" Material
Denzil O. Clegg
Extension and Youth Commissions
Eugene P. Schwartz

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