Summer 1966 // Volume 4 // Number 2

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Points of View

Points of View(pdf)
Advantage of Local Representative
Norman E. Tooker
Fallacy in Argument
Gerald Buck
Questions Need Answering
O.B. Clifton
Precise role of Extension
F. J. Culver
A Slight Error
Richard T. Marks

Feature Articles

Coordinating Extension (pdf)
E.T. York, Jr.
A number of schemes for coordinating or merging extension functions within the Land-Grant institutions have been proposed or tried. On the premise that some means of association or coordination must be achieved between Cooperative Extension and other off-campus educational activities, the author proposes alternatives for coordination within and among universities in a state.

Parent Education (pdf)
Armin Grams, John G. Chantiny
What do we know enough about to teach parents? On the assumption that the cycle of dependency and failure among low-income families can be broken by reducing the amount of failure experienced by children in early schooling, a parent education project was undertaken aimed at helping mothers prepare children for school. The approach has been to help mothers more fully understand and more effectively fulfill the role of educator to their children This undertaking is described and evaluated.

AA Case Study of Area Development (pdf)
Selz C. Mayo
Because of the current state of our knowledge, community and area development is both an art and a science. In order to have such undertakings become more scientific, they must be undergirded by programs that include evaluation and fundamental, as well as action, research. One way of achieving the objective of more exacting measurements is to develop more precise ways of describing existing efforts. The following case study is directed to that end.

Occupational Choices of Rural Youth (pdf)
Archibald O. Haller
Some farm boys develop a desire to become farmers and some do not. Those who do want to become farmers lack interest in the non-farm world and are, as a result, less likely to develop the knowledge and aspirations that will lead them to perform adequately if they do not become farmers. Those who decide not to farm tend to develop knowledge and aspirations that will aid them in pursuing nonfarm careers. Youth who live in isolated areas may also have limited knowledge about the nonfarm world and tend to have low levels of aspiration and subsequent low levels of achievement. Still, the more powerful influence is the young person's plan regarding farming: planning to farm is associated with drastically lower levels of educational and occupational aspiration.

Utilizing Report Information (pdf)
Marion R. Deppen
Extension reports are sought as bases for providing information to appropriate publics and officials and, presumably, as the basis for making organizational and program decisions. Evidence from a study in one state indicates some limitations to the use being made of information currently required in the reporting system. A revision is suggested to maximize the usefulness and minimize the time required for preparing such reports.

Group Decision Making (pdf)
W. B. Whale, P.G. Boyle
It is unrealistic to expect total rationality to prevail in the group decision-making process. The process of reaching some group consensus will likely require some members to alter their views. Emotions become involved in the process of altering views and can be related to a number of aspects of the group process. Research evidence supporting these contentions is summarized as the basis for suggesting that expectations of decisions based on limited rationality are more realistic.

Research in Brief (pdf) R. L. Bruce, editor

Projecting Extension Programs
Improving Planning Procedures
More On Adult Learning
What's Ahead In Extension Staffing
Farm Women's Use Of Communications Media

Book Reviews (pdf)

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Grover C. Dobbins

Abstracts (pdf)

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