Fall 1966 // Volume 4 // Number 3

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Point of View

Point of View(pdf)
Dialogue with a County Agent
C.H. Edwards, G. L. Carter
Characteristics of Change
William W. Reid

Feature Articles

Staff Competence (pdf)
George Hyatt, Jr.
Promotion to a supervisory or administrative role is no guarantee of adequate preparation or effective performance.

Changing Practices: A Case Study (pdf)
Joan Tully
If theoretical concepts are any good, they are practical and useful; they can help in exploring or understanding what goes on in the "real world." Some theoretical notions have been found useful in explaining what happens when an attempt is made to have farmers change practices. These same practical applications of theoretical ideas have been found useful in helping extension trainees understand how to work with people in effecting change. This case study explores an interesting experience between farmers and "university people."

The Role of the Volunteer (pdf)
Ralph W. Tyler
Why is volunteer effort important? What are the types of roles volunteers can perform? How does the volunteer's performance in certain roles compare to what the professional could do? What is generally known of opportunities available to volunteers? These are among the questions entertained by professionals who work with or arrange for the involvement of volunteers. This article puts such questions into focus.

Sources of Information for Farmers (pdf)
Win M. Lawson, Howard M. Dail
A number of questions are being raised about how the farmer can best be provided with technical agricultural information. Such questions concern the appropriate roles for Extension personnel and representatives of agricultural-related industry and business. A number of studies provide insight as to where the farmer gets his information. These studies are summarized and implications for Extension suggested in this article.

Adapting to Resource Development (pdf)
Gary W. King, Emory J. Brown
Extension reports are sought as bases for providing information to appropriate publics and officials and, presumably, as the basis for making organizational and program decisions. Evidence from a study in one state indicates some limitations to the use being made of information currently required in the reporting system. A revision is suggested to maximize the usefulness and minimize the time required for preparing such reports.

Research in Brief (pdf)
R. L. Bruce, editor

nfluence of Adult Education on Adoption
Family Decision Making in Low-Income Families
Leaders' Opinions on Extension and Research
Effect of Graduate Work in Extension
First Year 4-H Leaders

Book Reviews (pdf)

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Evelyn P. Quesenberry

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