Fall 1965 // Volume 3 // Number 3

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The Editors

Feature Articles

Professional Leadership and Change (pdf)
Helen G. Hurd
When it emphasizes things, the Extension Service is vocational; when it re-orients its thinking to people, it is approaching professionalism.

Problem Solving in Extension (pdf)
Helen P. Quarrick, Eugene A. Quarrick
Habits and sets bred by mechanical learning of procedures cripple the agent who must solve problems arising from changing times.

The Ultimate Weapon (pdf)
William J. McIntyre

Agent Performance in Programming (pdf)
Alan P. Utz, Jr.
Agents who think of themselves as technologists and who merely impose preconceived solutions to problems limit the scope of their programs.

Extension and Poverty (pdf)
Minnie M. Brown, C. Paul Marsh
Many poor families are multiproblem families but have a real desire to improve and a willingness to make real effort.

Problems Facing Rural America (pdf)
Dale E. Hathaway
Better individual decisions are not synonymous with better leaders-Extension should aim for both.

Families Who Quit Farming (pdf)
Harold D. Guither
Regardless of age, families who leave farming frequently need information to help them make a smooth transition.

Research in Brief (pdf)
R. L. Bruce, editor

Effect of Anxiety and Competition
More on Adult Learning
Classifying Part-Time Farmers
The Value of Visual Aids

Book Reviews (pdf)

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Delwyn A. Dyer

Documentary in American Television. By A. William Bluem, 1965. Available from Hastings House, New York, N.Y. 312 pp. $8.95.
James E. Lawrence

Strategies of Leadership. By A. A. Liveright, 1959. Available from Harper & Brothers, New York, N.Y. 140 pp. $3.50.
Woodrow H. Sears

Abstracts (pdf)

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