Spring 1964 // Volume 2 // Number 1

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About This Issue

About This Issue
The Editors

Feature Articles

On Being a Professional (pdf)
Mary Louise Collings
Extension personnel must learn to evaluate knowledge and cooperative activity in a broader context than immediate application to the technical job.

The Publics in Our Program (pdf)
J. W. Scheel
Extension program depends upon organized efforts by people who tend to form around subjects of common concern.

Result Demonstrations and Education (pdf)
Wilfrid C. Bailey
An educational technique is not a single act but involves a whole complex of interactions.

The Human Side of Administration (pdf)
C. M. Ferguson
Professional people, like all others, respond to expressions of confidence, to challenges of the job, and to dynamic leadership.

Adapting 4-H to Urban Situations (pdf)
Patrick G. Boyle, Emory J. Brown
Even though 4-H is generally viewed favorably by urban people, it is seen primarily as a program for rural youth.

Specialist and Agent: Men in the Middle (pdf)
Carl J. Couch, Mason E. Miller, John S. Murray
Agents and Specialists have "relevant others" who hold different demands and expectations for them and apply different standards of evaluation.

Consumer Behavior Patterns (pdf)
N. R. Smith
Significant differences occur in family life-styles which affect family unit and individual consumer activities.

Book Reviews (pdf)

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J. W. James

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Lloyd L. Rutledge

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Josephine S. Patterson

Educational Psychology. By Frederick J. McDonald, 1962. Available from Wadsworth Publishing Company, Inc., Belmont, California. 748 pp. $6.95.
J. Glenn Morrill

New Understandings of Leadership. By Murray G. Ross and Charles E. Hendry, 1957. Available from Association Press, New York, N.Y. 158 pp. $3.50.
Austin B. Ezzell

Abstracts (pdf)

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