Spring 1963 // Volume 1 // Number 1

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About This Issue

About This Issue
The Editors

Feature Articles

The Professional and His Journal (pdf)
E. T. York, Jr.
This Journal can impart ideas and developments in a relatively new and different type of education unique to Extension.

An Approach to Effective Teaching (pdf)
Ernest W. Anderson
The inductive approach to teaching starts the learning process with the individual and personal interests of people.

The Adoption Process: Part I (pdf)
Everett M. Rogers
Implications from research on the diffusion of innovations may serve as a theoretical basis for a strategy of change.

The Family Role in Decision Making (pdf)
Ruby Craven
The wife's influence on decisions regarding farm business and the family may provide important clues to management education.

Role of Agent in Leader Training (pdf)
Laurel K. Sabrosky
Enough is known of some aspects of working with leaders to make a professional approach more than mere guess.

Serving as Chairman of the County Staff (pdf)
William E. Skelton
Coordination of the county staff is essential to an aggressive and effective Extension program.

Rural Families and the Mass Media (pdf)
Rosslyn Wilson
Factors have been identified which provide clues to the effective use of mass media in disseminating information to farm families.

What the Public Thinks of Extension (pdf)
T. C. Blalock, Mary Nell Greenwood, Roland H. Abraham
A staff member's view may not accurately reflect the impression that clientele have of the Service.

Book Reviews (pdf)

Leadership and Dynamic Group Action. By George M. Beal, Joe M. Bohlen, and J. Neil Raudabaugh, 1962. Available form the Iowa State University Press, Ames, Iowa. 365 pp. $6.00.
Maynard C. Heckel

The Inquiring Mind. By Cyril O. Houle, 1961. Available from the University of Wisconsin Press, 430 Sterling Court, Madison 6, Wisconsin. 87 pp. $1.50.
Shirley S. Weeks

Selected Readings and References in 4-H Club Work. Compiled and edited by G. L. Carter, Jr., and Robert C. Clark, 1961. Available from the National Agricultural Extension Center for Advanced Study, University of Wisconsin, Madison 6, Wisconsin. 138 pp. $3.00.
R. O. Monosmith

Changing Dimensions in Agriculture and Home Economics: Impact on Cooperative Extension Administration. Edited by E. J. Boone and C. M. Ferguson, 1962. Available from National Agricultural Extension Center for Advanced Study, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin. 96 pp. $3.00.
Marjorie E. Gillespie

Abstracts (pdf)

How Adults Can Learn More-Faster. Virginia B. Warren. 1961. 52 pp. Available from the National Association of Public School Adult Educators, 1201 Sixteenth Street, N.W., Washington 6, D.C. 50 cents.

A Study of Two Methods for the Diffusion of Knowledge. John M. Welch and Coolie Verner. Adult Education, XII (Summer, 1962), 231-237. Available from the Adult Education Association of the United States of America, 743 N. Wabash Ave., Chicago 11, Ill. Single copy $1.25.

4-H Impact. Burton W. Kreitlow and Robert F. Barnes. Special Bulletin 8, Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Wisconsin, July, 1962, 4 pp. Available from Agricultural Bulletin Office, University of Wisconsin, Madison 6, Wisconsin. No charge.

Review of Extension Research: January through December 1961. Darcie Byrn. Extension Service Circular 541 (September, 1962), Federal Extension Service. 95 pp. Review copies available from state leaders in agriculture, home economics, and 4-H, key specialists, Extension editors, leaders of Extension studies and training and agricultural college and experiment station libraries.

Education in a World of Change. Ralph W. Tyler. Journal of Home Economics, LIV (September, 1962), 527-533. Available from American Home Economics Association, 1600 20th Street, N.W., Washing 9, D.C. Single copy 60 cents.

The Leader Looks at Self-Development. Malcolm S. Knowles. 1961. 12 pp. Available from Leadership Resources, Inc., 1025 Connecticut Ave., Washington 6, D.C. $1.50.

You Can Cure Overlapping Management. Charles A. Cerami. Nation's Business, L (October, 1962), 86-90. Available in reprint form from Nation's Business, 1615 H St., N.W., Washington 6, D.C. 15 cents per copy.

The Leader Looks at Communication. Leslie E. This. 1961. 12 pp. Available from Leadership Resources, Inc., 1025 Connecticut Ave., Washington 6, D.C. $1.50.

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Perception: Some Recent Research and Implications for Administration. Sheldon S. Zalkind and Timothy W. Costello. Administrative Science Quarterly, VII (September, 1962), 218-235. Available from Graduate School of Business and Public Administration, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. Single copy $2.00.

How to Help Groups Make Decisions. Edited by Grace L. Elliott. 1959. 64 pp. Available from Association Press, 291 Broadway, New York 7, New York. $1.00.