Fall 1963 // Volume 1 // Number 3

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About This Issue

About This Issue
The Editors

Feature Articles

On Being Professional (pdf)
Jean W. Scheel
Being professional involves not only knowing something, it involves attitudes- a state of mind.

Adult Education and Family Life: Part I (pdf)
Cyril O. Houle
Modern family life education is concerned with how all members of the family relate to one another.

Work as a Motivator (pdf)
Denzil O. Clegg
New insights indicate that an individual's work is a more important source of motivation than conditions surrounding his job.

Changing Role of the Supervisor (pdf)
George B. Alcorn
Extension's role in public policy may differ from what is appropriate in the physical and biological sciences.

Extension's Place in Public Policy (pdf)
T. C. Blalock
Conflicts may arise as specialists attempt to comply with incompatible demands and expectations of state and county personnel.

IIndividual Adoption Behavior (pdf)
Herbert F. Lionberger
Personal, cultural, social, and situational factors influence the means by which new ideas are disseminated and evaluated.

A Conception of 4-H: Part I (pdf)
G. L. Carter, Jr.
A well conceived 4-H program can provide significant learning opportunities within the ordinary life experience of young people.

Trends in Social Participation (pdf)
Sidney J. Miller, W. Keith Warner
Even though knowledge is limited, we may know more than is presently being applied to organizations.

Book Reviews (pdf)

Individual in Society. By David Krech, Richard S. Crutchfield, and Egerton L. Ballachey, 1962. Available form McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc., New York. 564 pp. $7.95.
Emily Quinn

Diffusion of Innovations. By Everett M. Rogers, 1962. Available from the Free Press of Glencoe, New York, N.Y. 368 pp. $6.50.
Arlen Lutz

Administration in Extension. Edited by Robert C. Clark and Roland H. Abraham, 1960. Available from the National Agricultural Extension Center for Advanced Study, University of Wisconsin, Madison 6, Wisconsin. 205 pp. $3.00.
Walter T. Wilkening

Excellence. By John W. Gardner, 1961. Available from Harper & Row, New York, N.Y. 171 pp. $1.35 paperback.
Judith Berget

Abstracts (pdf)

Television and the Communication Process as Related to the Extension Program. James E. Lawrence. ETI Series No. 13, march, 1963. 20 pp. Available from Department of Extension Teaching and Information, New York State Colleges of Agriculture and Home Economics, Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y. No charge.

Rural Youth: Their Needs and Interests. E. J. Tyler. Agricultural Institute Review, XVIII (March-April, 1963), 15-18. Available from Agricultural Institute Review, 176 Glouchester St., Ottawa 4, Ontario, Canada. Single copy 50 cents.

Agdex: An Index and Filing System for Agricultural Publications. Howard L. Miller. 1962. Available from The Iowa State University Press, Ames, Iowa. $4.95.

A Survey of Selected Materials Pertaining to the Administrative Organization of the Cooperative Extension Service in the United States. Hoyt M. Warren. 1963. 9 pp. (mimeographed). Availble from The Cooperative Extension Service, Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama. No charge.

A Study of the Possibilities of Expanding the Understanding and Use of Science through 4-H Club Work. Karl S. Quisenberry and Gary L. Seevers. April, 1963. 116 pp. Available in limited numbers from the National 4-H Club Foundation, 7100 Connecticut Avenue, Washington 15, D.C., and from state Extension directors. No charge.

Toward and Operational Definition of Community. Morris Freilich. Rural Sociology, XXVIII (June, 1963), 117-27. Available from Secretary-Treasurer, Rural Sociology Society, Department of Rural Sociology, South Dakota State College, Brookings, South Dakota. $8.00 per year.

The Place of Public Relations in Modern Management. Anthony G. De Lorenzo. Michigan Business Review, XV (January, 1963), 1-6. Available from the Graduate School of Business Administration, The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Free on request.

Problem-Solving and Executiveship Can Improve Leadership. Roger Gray. Adult Leadership, XII (June, 1963), 42-45. Available from Adult Education Association of the U.S.A., 743 N. Wabash Ave., Chicago 11, Ill. $5.00 per year, domestic.

The Screening Process: Selection or Rejection. Glenn A. Bassett. Personnel, XXXIX (July/August, 1962), 31-37. Available from American Management Association, Inc., 1515 Broadway, N.Y. 36, N.Y. Single copy $1.75.