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For Authors: Copyright Agreement

NOTICE: If you are completing the copyright agreement for a manuscript on which the majority of authors or primary authors are employed by the U.S. Government and prepared the manuscript as part of their official duties, click here to access an appropriately modified copyright agreement form.

The submitted manuscript is the sole, original work of the author(s) listed, has not been previously published, does not violate any copyrights, and has been submitted only to the Journal of Extension. The manuscript's copyright is fully transferred to the Journal of Extension, which will hold full and exclusive rights to the manuscript. The manuscript does not represent a violation of the Civil Rights of others, and this manuscript does not violate the Code of Federal Regulation for the Protection of Human Subjects (45 CFR 46). In making my submission to the Journal of Extension, I am affirming the above conditions. Furthermore, I affirm that the Journal of Extension, its Editor, and Publisher will be held without blame if any of the above conditions are not satisfied.

Author Instructions

When the editor of the Journal of Extension (JOE) notifies you that your article has been accepted for publication in JOE:

  • Read the JOE Copyright Agreement carefully,
  • Fill out the Affirmation of Compliance form below, and
  • Click on the Affirm button to affirm that your article is in compliance with the stipulations contained in the JOE Copyright Agreement.

Affirmation of Compliance Form

After reviewing the JOE Copyright Agreement, please fill in the information requested and indicate whether you affirm or decline to affirm the conditions of the agreement. If you decline to affirm the conditions of the agreement, your article will not be published in JOE.