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About the Journal of Extension

The Journal of Extension (JOE) is the official refereed journal for Extension professionals. JOE expands and updates the research and knowledge base for Extension professionals and other adult educators to improve their effectiveness. In addition, JOE serves as a forum for emerging and contemporary issues affecting Extension education.

JOE is written and reviewed by Extension professionals who share with their colleagues successful educational applications, original and applied research findings, scholarly opinions, educational resources, and challenges on issues of critical importance to Extension educators. All submissions undergo initial review by the editor. If advanced by the editor, Feature, Research in Brief, and Ideas at Work submissions undergo double-blind peer review. Commentary and Tools of the Trade submissions are reviewed solely by the editor.

JOE is published bimonthly online by Extension Journal, Inc. Since June 1994, JOE has been published exclusively online at Along with the current issue of JOE, back issues to 1963 are available online. Issues from 1984 to present are available in a format that allows for full-text searches. Issues prior to 1984 are available in PDF format only.

The Journal of Extension